Papa Zola and Worst in the world vs Leo Messi and MA Fleury ( updated )

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Papa Zola and Worst in the world vs Leo Messi and MA Fleury ( updated )

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:04 pm

*Papa Zola Walking at backstage with Worst in the World discussing about their upcoming match

Papa Zola:This is our first night in UCW, lets give them the best of us.

Worst in the World:Yes lets do this and show them who we are.

*Leo messi and MA Fleury come

Leo Messi: so you are our opponent for tonight show huh?

Papa Zola:Yes we are.

MA Fleury:You both looks like a tough challenger but we sure that we can beat you.

Worst in the World:well i look forward for that and may the best team win.

Leo Messi: Ok i think we should get ready for our match right Fleury?

MA Fleury: Yeah lets go.

*both of them walks away and enter there locker room

Worst in the World:We should get ready to Zola?

Papa Zola:yes we should be 100 percent ready for that match

*both of the them start to warm up for their match

Gerald: we just now witness that both of the team are ready to fight tonight.

Jackson:Yes that's right Gerald both team are ready to battle for the first time at the first night of UCW.

Gerald:i think this match will be a good start from both team to show what they capable of to do for this business.

Jackson: I cant wait to see how this match will be.

Jackson:Papa Zola and Worst in the world will battle against Leo Messi and MA Fleury in a tag match next on UCW.

*Camera fades away

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