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Post by Hazmat on Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:59 pm

1. Be grammatically correct
We all make mistakes, but it shouldn't look like a mess. If you're not that good at English, copy and paste it into Microsoft Word. Common mistakes some early versions will miss are:

a. you're vs your
your= in possession of, I.E- is this YOUR sweater?
you're= you are I.E- YOU'RE in charge.

b. There vs Their vs They're
there= location I.E- THERE is my book.
their= in possession of multiple or unknown people I.E- It's THEIR problem, not mine.
they're= They are I.E- Quick, THEY'RE coming!

c. it's vs its
its= in possession of I.E- It lost ITS power.
it's= it is I.E- IT'S getting late, don't you think?

d. lets vs let's
lets= to allow I.E- She LETS us turn in our homework late.
let's= let us I.E- LET'S enjoy the show!

If you do not have any version of Word, or any other writing program (Such as, but not limited to, Openoffice) message me in-game (Hazmat Matt Hazard) and I will overlook it.

2. No use of any word that is not allowed in TWG chat, any swear word that isn't allowed should say "*CENSORED*" in place of it
I.E You MAY NOT say "You're a shithead;" You MAY say "You're a sh*CENSORED*head

3. Bold the speaker's name
I.E Matt Hazard: Is that right?

4. italicize action(s)
I.E - He opened the door -[/color]

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