The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP

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The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP Empty The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:21 pm

- The camera fades in as Bats2130 approaches The.Master in the Locker room-

Bats2130: Listen man i appreciate you having my back last week against Helga an Jotham.

The.Master: Not a problem, but remember I'm not going to always be there to watch your back.

-Bats2130 Laughs at The.Masters Comment-

Bats2130: Yeah well that's the thing, Did you hear about the tag titles being Vacant?

-The.Master is strapping his shoulder for the upcoming match-

The.Master: of course but where are you getting at with this? We have a match coming up so stop with the small talk!

-Bats2130 walks across the Locker room an starts preparing him self-

Bats2130: Well how about we tag up?

-The.Master Laughs at Bats2130-

The.Master: How do I know I can trust you?

Bats2130: I could ask you the same question buddy. I can always find someone else if...

-The.Master is interested an inturuppts the sentence-

The.Master: Hey hey hey. Look I want those titles to. But we need to be smart an think this through.

-Bats2130 is ecstatic-

Bats2130: Thats awesome bud, but what do you mean by 'Smart'?

-The.Master starts whispering to Bats2130-

-The camera fades out as the next match is about to begin-

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