Papa Zola & Sakden vs The High King and The Irish Druid 15 minutes before the match

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Papa Zola & Sakden vs The High King and The Irish Druid 15 minutes before the match Empty Papa Zola & Sakden vs The High King and The Irish Druid 15 minutes before the match

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:28 pm

*camera showing at UCW parking lot and then camera show Sakden

*a car arrived and Papa Zola come out from the car.

Sakden:what take you so long it has been 10 minute i wait for you in this place

Papa Zola: Sorry sorry i came late because i left my cape at the hotel so i have to make a u-turn and go back to my room to get it.

Sakden: you know this match is important right? if we win we will become a new tag champion so i dont want to lose it because of this.

Papa Zola: i know that but relex friend we still have time you dont need to get angry for this.

Sakden:i am not angry i am just giving advise for you,the thing is that i dont want to lose this match.

Papa Zola:i understand how you feel because i feel that too so lets win this match.

Sakden:lets go.

*The high king and The Irish Druid come out of nowhere and then hit Papa Zola and Sakden with a chair

The high king: take this.

*high king lift the chair and suddenly papa zola jump and kick The high king to the face executing kick of authority

*the high king stun and the papa zola run to sakden to help him but got hit at the gut

*sakden get up and kick the irish druid

*the high king hit sakden from the back

*Chiris Storm come and tried to stop them from fighting

Chris Storm:(while stoping them from fighting) hey hey hey what's going on here!!

Sakden:they come and start attacking us from behind.

Chris Storm:why did you do that

The high king: dont you see why we are doing this? we want to win that match no matter what.

Chris Storm: is that so,because of your action i will give papa zola and sakden a rest for 20 more minutes and both of you will follow me because i gonna punish you for attacking them

The Irish Druid:what if we dont want to follow you

Chris Storms:Easy,you will be FIRED,any more questions?

The Irish Druid: nno,we will follow you

*The high king and the irish druid follow Chris Storm to his office

Papa Zola:man i am tired

Sakden: yeah me too lets rest for a while

*Papa Zola and sakden go to their room and rest

*camera changes to commentary

Jackson:what a night for them

Gerrard:yes they got to be tired after that ambush

Jackson:thats right but the good thing is they got a rest.

Gerrard:well thats the good news for them and the bad news is we have to wait for 20 more minute to the match to start

Jackson: thats right, so later Papa Zola and Sakden will fight The irish druid and the high king in less then 20 minute in UCW

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