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Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:32 pm

Camera cuts to the backstage area where GM Chris Storms is walking the hallway with an angry look on his face.

Jackson: Wow do you see the look on GM Chris Storms face.  He defiantly doesn't look to happy.

Gerard: Yeah, I would hate to be the person who he is looking for.

GM Chris Storms spots Jessica and walk over to her.

GM Chris Storms: Hey Jessica.  I am looking for Jotham. Have You seen him?

Jessica: Sorry, I haven't seen him at all today.

Jackson: So it is Jotham he is looking for.

Gerard: Probably about what went down after the match last week.

GM Chris Storms: Never mind Jessica I see him.  JOTHAM, GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!

Jotham walks over towards GM Chris Storms and Jessica with a cold stare in his eyes.

Jesscia to Jotham: Hi.

Jotham stares at Jessica and she pulls back clearly uncomfortable.

GM Chris Storms: I want to know what you think you were doing last week attacking other stars after the match was over. You may be new around here, but even you should know that things like that will not be tolerated. What do you have to say for yourself?

Jotham stares coldly into at GM Chris Storm.

Jotham: I told everyone that I have come to root out all the corruption from U.C.W. and that is what I will do.  Bats2130 received his warning last week to turn from the corruption or face my wrath and he will not be the last.  It does not matter if the person is new in U.C.W or if they have been here for years.  Each will have to decided if they will repent or if they will suffer.  I will dispense justice on all without partiality, from those at the bottom to those at the top.

Jotham eyes squint as his stare becomes more piercing towards Gm Chris Storms.

Jotham: Do not think that just because you feel safe that I cannot get to you. Eventually everyone will have to face judgment and that even includes you Jessica. I have spoken and it will come to pass.

Jessica seems visibly shaken as Jotham begins to walk away.

Jackson: Hey he can't threaten Jessica like that.

GM Chris Storms: Don't you walk away from me.  No one threatens me or my staff.

Jotham turns around and looks back at GM Chris Storms.

GM Chris Storms: I needed someone else for tonights match and I just made up my mind who it is. Jotham you will be in a tag match tonight against  Hazmat Matt Hazard and the Heavyweight champion me. Your partner is another that deserves to learn respect to, the immortal one bully ray.

As Jotham hears that news a smirk can be seen spreading across his face.

Gerard: You heard it folks tonight my long time friend The Immortal One Bully Ray will team with Jotham against Hazmat Matt Hazard and our Heavyweight champion GM Chris Storms.

Jackson: Is that a punishment or a reward to get in the ring with the champion?

Gerard: We'll soon find out.

Jackson: I can't wait.  That is coming up later tonight.

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