Bats 3rd show RP faradeen an AJ TYLES

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Bats 3rd show RP faradeen an AJ TYLES Empty Bats 3rd show RP faradeen an AJ TYLES

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:36 pm

-Bats2130 is walking up the corridor on his way to his pre match interview with Jessica-

Com1: Look there's Bats2130 Com2! He isn't looking to great tonight!
Com2: I have got to agree with you there Com1, if you fans haven't seen the match from last week Jotham went on a rampage an this is what happened

-Cuts to last weeks video of the end of the match between Jotham an Helga and Bats2130 an The.Master-

As the celebration of the victory continue in the ring Jotham rolls to the outside and grabs as chair and a microphone.

Jackson: Wait what is he doing? Put that chair down!

Jotham climbs back in the ring and walks up behind Bats2130 and as Bats2130 turns around Jotham swings the chair like a baseball bat at Bats2130's head connecting laying out Bats2130 on the mat.

Gerard: No, don't do this. Come on!

The.Master turns around and he too is greeted with a chair shot by Jotham.

Gerard: Enough is enough. The match is over already.

With both men laid out Jotham drops the chair and and picks up the microphone standing over the fallen men.

Jotham: I told you that I have come to purge the wickedness from the hearts of men. You both thought what you had done has would never be found out. There is one who sees into the hearts of men and knows all. You thought that your secrets were safe and that you could whisper about them to one another and that your plans would never be found out. Know this that what is said in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Consider this a warning. Repent of your evil ways or it will be purged from your souls through pain. Until you do you will never achieve what you desire. I have spoken and it will come to pass.

Com1: We have to cut to a commercial break in 5 so over to Jessica with Bats2130!

-Jessica smiles as Bats2130 approaches her for his pre match interview

Jessica: Thank you Com1, Well im here with one of our newest Members of U.C.W. Bats2130, Bats2130 you had a tag team match last week against Helga an Jotham, Which you won but what has been running around your head after Jotham Went on a rampage with that steel chair last week?

-Bats2130 seems very aggravated an grabs the mic of Jessica-

Bats2130: The only thing that has been on my mind is my tag team partnership. If Jotham thinks a steel chair cheap shot is gonna scare me away from U.C.W he's got another thing coming, because im here to stay.

-Com1 is going through the Show match bookings-

Com1:Hey Com2 you have to have look at this!

-Com2 leans over to look at the Shows match ups for tonight-

Com1: Can you believe this! Bats2130 is going to be in 2 Matches tonight!

-Com2 isn't impressed about the situation-

Com2: Com1, just Last week Jotham went to School on Bats2130 an The.Master with a steel chair! And now He has to Challange AJ TYLES and Faradeen in the same night!

Com1: Hey He did put a Challange out just last week, an Jotham just happened to of answered his call!

-Jessica grabs the mic back off Bats2130-

Jessica: An how do you feel about being in 2 Matches on the show tonight? AJ TYLES and Faradeen seem like more then just stepping stones, and Was this a request by you or just a suprise from our GM Chris Storms?

-Bats2130 is giggling an grabs the mic-

Bats2130: Well quite frankly im not bothered! I have had a great week in the gym an i feel I am going to be at peak fitness tonight. Was a joint descion between me an Chris, to be the best you have to beat the best. So I am just hoping that will pull me through tonight's match ups.

Jessica: Well there you go U.C.W Bats2130 is ready for tonight. Thanks Bats2130

Bats2130: No problem anytime...

-Bats2130 is off to his locker room to prepare for his matches-

Com1: Everybody stay tuned as we will be right back after this commercial break!

-Camera fades to Commercial break-

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