Jack Monroe sets it straight.

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Jack Monroe sets it straight. Empty Jack Monroe sets it straight.

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:41 pm

A Night in Hell by Little Ghost blares loudly over the speakers as the crowd is energized to see a new face. Jack Monroe comes out matching the crowds energy. As he gets in the ring, he stands on the turnbuckle and waves.

John: Ladies and gentleman a man who has wrestled all around the world, Jack Monroe has made his way to UCW. How are you feeling Jack? and do you mind telling us your first goal here in UCW.

Jack Monroe grabs the microphone and steps away from John and toward the ropes.

Jack: So...are you people happy to see me or what? You know what don't even answer that. Just sit down and shut up I got A few things I have to set straight with you people. Just look at all of you, cheering at me. You don't even know who the hell I am do you? I am a "REAL" wrestler. Which probably why you folks don't know me. I doubt you know any wrestlers, Muta, Inoki, Lawler, The Fargos, The Anderson family, my great uncle Sputnik. You don't know any of them do you? but you'll sit out here and call yourself wrestling fans watching these bunch of idiots come out here and do flips, hit each other with chairs and dress up like damn clowns. You people need to sit down and shut up and let one of the best to ever lace his boots up show you what real wrestling is!

John uncomfortably tries to grab the mic, enraging Jack who then backs him out of the ring

Jack: I'm not leaving this ring until I either get a match.

Jack tosses the mic out of the ring at John.

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