Jack Monroe is out for blood!

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Jack Monroe is out for blood! Empty Jack Monroe is out for blood!

Post by JackMonroe on Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:59 am

A black corvette with golden decals drives into the arena. As the car parks, Jack Monroe steps out and violently slams the door.

John: Jack! Jack Monroe, may I have a word with you about your match last night?

Jack stops walking and takes his shades off.

Jack Monroe: You really think that is good idea? Don't answer that. How do you think I feel about last night John? That is a better question. Have you put any thought into this at all, or do you just come out here and spew whatever stupidity they tell you to say out like a jackass?

John: Well, I figure not good. You did lose your tag match.

Jack Monroe:Yeah I lost my match. They paired me up with some wet eared jabroni that spent the whole damn match getting smeared from post to post it was more of a handicap match.

John: Well the argument could be made-

Jack Monroe: Stop talking. I'm not finished. Then surprise surprise, while I'm in the back getting my gear rounded up to leave that stink hole I look up on the monitor and I see a 20 man battle royal. Not just any battle royal either.

John: Yeah it was for-

Jack Monroe: Boy, if you interrupt me again you are getting force fed that mic. So all the people they chose for that battle royal, they didn't think to give Jack a call? Some idiot dressed like a damn doughnut was out there. Some of those guys must have confused the fans, because I haven't seen them around here long enough to tell somebody they'd even want to be in a match. Hell I thought some of the fans got in the ring. John am I quiet? Am I hard to find?

John: With all due respect sir no, you're actually pretty loud.

Jack Monroe: Then I guess they just don't have faith in good ole Jack Monroe. I think I can help them out there. You see what I'm going to do is find that dead weight of a tag partner I had last night. Then I'm going to beat'em 'til they're just a stain on the mat. You can tell our noble boss that I'm going to crack that skull open whether I get a match with that jabroni or not. But, If I don't and I have to find them in the back myself, Then I'm going to start breaking some bones and give them a damn good excuse to be dead weight.

Jack grabs the mic and turns it off. He throws it as far away as he can as he walks to the building.


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