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Post by CHRIS STORMS on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:21 am

Name is Chris Storms


Music plays - darkest blue lostprophets

Storms walks to the ring with a lighting look costume as he walks down the ramp lighting hits the ringposts and jumps into the ring with a blot of lighting hitting the tron

Height 5'5

weight 210 pounds

Age 23


Glasgow Scotland

finishers Storm of cause ( POWER SLAM)
Call of lighting ( drop kick)

Back story

Born & raise in Glasgow starting fighting in local events after he watched his father die in a match on live tv and has been training everyday for the last ten years and has had a few local fights here and there and the one focse that drives him is to one day fight his demons and be a world champion just like his father who died during a match on live tv and that menory has hunted him since that day and he arrived in twg a year ago and is now here

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