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Post by Max steen on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:45 am

Name:Max steen

Entrance:Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
A red carpet is laid on the ramp from under the ''Tron
Max Steen makes his way to the ring
with his lover who kisses him burning with passion
a light shines over him on the ring


Weight:245 pounds

From: Marion,Ohio

Finishers:Package Piledrive,Perfect Chop(Kamehaha Wave The move in Wrestling) Groin stretch

Bio:At the Age of 5 Max saw a wrestling match an fell in love on sight,once he got to the age of 12 he asked his Parents to take him to a training Camp for wrestling,once he got there he quickly got a friend an tag partner CM Helms(Chris Magelia Helms)For years CM,An Max Team in an out of the ring,Once Max an Cm both got into TWG they were a well oiled team but, CM later on Got a Contract from PWL - Pro Wrestling League - Extreme Wrestling Corporation Max Then began competing in 1v1 Competion Later to get a Call from Chris storm asking him if he would like to join UCW but at the time max got 3 more contracts from PWL,WGW,An a Chance to be a Returning Champion on the returning show RCW now Max thought about joining PWL an Reforming "Legion Of Pain" With CM Or become a Champion in RCW but,Max Thought that it's time for a New Breed Of wrestling an he agree to sign with UCW An now is The self proclamed "savior of TWG" Earning Respect an taking namez

Max steen

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