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Post by Kid Brainz on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:58 am

Name: Kid Brainz
Real Name:Leslie Douglas
Country: U.S.A
Entrance: Work out by Jay Cole
Type: Face <-- for life people
Attire: White shirt and shorts and white vans of the wall (checkered)
Class: Technique
Weight: 305 pounds
Signature: (currently)Brainz Drop™
Finisher:Brain Stunner
Allies:The.master, Orion(currently)
Tag Partner:The.master
Story: Kid brainz, the name says it all he is a gifted guy from a rich background he has always been smart from birth. He has an I.Q of 171 but he found out that with his brain he could also become a very good fighter so he trained for years and he is what he is today.

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