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The Docks - The Irish Druid Empty The Docks - The Irish Druid

Post by reddoggydogg on Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:04 am

This rp is in two segments

(Part 1) - The camera goes to the local docks and pans out across the water.  The visibility is very poor due to heavy fog that has fallen across the local area.  In the distance a large object begins to come into view and a loud horn is heard in the distance.  After a number of seconds a large cargo ship can be seen.  The ship docks and the gang plank is lowered down onto the pier.

For later in the show    

(Part 2) - The camera goes back to the docks and focuses the gang plank which had been lowered from the ship earlier in the evening.  After a moment or two a figure of a man comes walking down the plank.  The man looks very elderly, sporting a long grey beard braided at the bottom.  The elderly man has a hooded cloak pulled up over his head and is seen carrying what can only be described as a staff.
The elderly gent walks down onto the pier and is approached by the captain and asks this mysteries man how the trip was.  The elderly gent replied that it was mediocre at best but that it would do just so he could make it to these shores.  When pressed as to why he was here he replied watch Unbound Championship Wrestling.

The camera goes back to the arena and Jackson and Gerard look at each other puzzled as to who this stranger is.  Looks like we are going to find out who this gent is tonight.

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