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Introduction to Jotham Empty Introduction to Jotham

Post by Jotham on Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:54 pm

The area goes dark and suddenly on the titantron words start flashing as thunder is heard throughout the arena.  The words are Greed, Corruption, Debauchery, Gluttony, Misery.

Suddenly there is spot light shine on the ring and in the center of the ring stands a figure dressed in white.  He is holding a microphone.

Jotham:  Darkness has consumed mankind. Each person is powerless to escape and must be set free. Some are aware of their helpless state other are not.  Some wallow in the darkness, embracing the hatred and corruption.  Now that the darkness has reached its fullness the time for my appearance has come.  I have come to set each one free. Some will see the light and accept it, being set free, others will fight and reject all that I offer.  Make no mistake I will do what is necessary to set each one free. I will enter the depths of the darkness to hunt each one out.  I will use any method i need to to get people to see the light.  Some will only be set free after much pain and suffering.  To reach those in the deepest pits of darkness I will become the darkness itself.  In time all will be set free.  I am the Savior Jotham and my words will come to pass.

The ring fills with smoke as music starts to play and Jotham disappears among the smoke.


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