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Post by Chris55 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:32 am

Name: Chris Saban:Very Happy 

Height 6'5

Weight 295

Alignment: Monster Heel

Valet: Megan Torres

Country: USA

Hometown: Miami FL

Nickname: Next Big Thing

Entrance: Next Big Thing by Jim Johnston

Chris saban makes his way up the ramp with his Gorgeous Valet Megan Torres Wearing a Black Mini Dress White Tights and White Pumps
Attire: red mma trunks black gloves black boots

Non attire: black sweatpants blue sneakers and black sleeveless shirt

Finisher: The Saban Experience
Chris saban stalks his opponent lifts him up and slams him on the mat executing The Saban Experience

Signature: Saban This is the End

Taunt: King of the world
Saban goes to the apron and Kisses his valet executing King of the world

Bio: born on July 4 in Miami FL in 2008 I signed with UFC in 2010 I won the UFC Heavyweight Championship
my name is Chris saban people like to call me the next big thing I recently worked for new grand wrestling winning my debut match against James Devine im strong powerful great technical wrestler With me and my
Gorgeous Valet Megan Torres nothing gonna stop us welcome to The Saban Experience


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