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Post by Hazmat on Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:24 am

In-ring Name: "Hazmat" Matt Hazard
Height: 5'11
Weight: 247 lbs
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Role: Tweener (Heel or face)
Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, Matt Hazard has always been the outcast. He never had a lot of friends. He was the silent kid. Never talked to anyone. No one quite understood him. He grew up with one person, Sherry. She was the one who gave him the nickname, "Hazmat." Sherry and Matt was the cliche Bonnie and Clyde, to say the least.. However, Bonnie was taken. Matt didn't care, except for the fact it was by the man he hated. Sherry chose the man she had been dating for two years over the man she'd known for all his life. Matt, while devastated, wasn't surprised. This had happened with everyone he knew. He grew up with a strong passion for wrestling, He started in when he was 7, playing wrestling video games. He started watching in 2 years later. He knew that is what he wanted to do. He trained with his brother, who put him in various submission holds. After a while he was able to use these holds to perfection, one of them being the dragon sleeper. After a while he experimented with various holds, and mastered the standing butterfly lock. He knew he was ready for the big time. He joined the independent circuit, in which time he met, and trained with E.L.F competitor, Crimson Shard. He became his new trainer. After Crimson lost E.L.F, he was not to be seen again. Matt felt he was ready to stand on his own. He was then signed to the pro circuit. Now, he is ready to show what he's got!

(Sorry, not that good at backstories)

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