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Post by Hazmat on Sat Aug 03, 2013 7:31 am

Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen we have yet another debut here tonight!

Gerard: Not just any debut...he's a former Champion and superstar of his old federation and he was a competitor of ELF.

Jackson: Let's not forget, a personal friend of the GM; I think we can see big things in this mans future!

Gerard: Well, if we do, I'm sure it's because of his ability and not because of the GM's will; Storms isn't a bias person.

Jackson: When will you learn, Jack? Everyone is bias! I, for one, still hope you're right; I'd hate for the future to rely on a kid who can't do *CENSORED* in the ring!

Gerard: Well...he is a former champion, I think-

- Jackson cuts off Gerard -

Jackson: A former champion of a former federation! This kid is going to have to prove himself here if ANYONE is to respect his accolades of a closed federation!

Gerard: I see your point, John. I don't think he expects immediate respect anyway. I believe he wants to prove himself here tonight!

Jackson: He better be! I want to see straight brutality!

-Arena darkens as the crowd goes quiet -

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome the NEW...UCW superstar... -The entire front row slams their hands on the mat repeatedly in anticipation, emulating a drum roll - HAZZZMAT...MATT HAZZAARDD!

- The arena lights fade on as Otherworld by Rammstein plays throughout the arena-

- A small portion of the crowd cheers, remembering his old federation as Matt Hazard walks toward the ring -

Matt Hazard: I see I have some fans in the audience tonight. - the portion of the crowd cheers again - I understand I have to - Looks at Jackson - "Prove myself" to some people... - walks toward Jackson - So...who exactly is my opponent tonight?

Jackson: Look, I'm just a -

Matt Hazard: chucklefu*CENSORED*? - turns toward the ramp -

Matt Hazard: Bring out my opponent...whoever the hell he is!

- Broken Bones hits as Chris Storms enters the arena -

Chris Storms: Hazmat! Thank you for coming tonight; I, unfortunately, was unable to find this unknown attacker; but, I was able to find you a different opponent in consultation.

Matt Hazard: Whatever works, let's just get on with it!

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