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Welcome to UCW Chris Sabin Empty Welcome to UCW Chris Sabin

Post by chrissban55 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:43 am

Music hit's and thunder soar through out the arena a clip is aired on the titan tron showing some of the wrestlers greatest victories and most powerful moves.

it is Chris Sabin who arrives on the scene to a crowd of boos wearing a black here comes the pain shirt sweat pants and Nike sneakers accompanied by his Gorgeous Valet Megan Torres wearing her signature style Black mini dress White Tights White Pumps who kisses him burning with passion as they walk hand in hand to the ring.

Chris lifts one of the ropes as his girlfriend makes her way inside the ring she grabs the mic so she can speak

As she begins to speak the crowd boos are louder than before

Megan: Shut up and show some respect my name is Megan Torres and this is my boyfriend Chris Sabin
last season he wrestled for ngw but that is the past and this is now your looking at the next big thing here on UCW

Chris Sabin grabs the mic from her and begins to speak

Chris Sabin: my name is chris sabin your looking at a 6'5 295 pound beast in carnage who's here for one thing and one thing only to become World Heavyweight Champion. My whole career I had people view me as a joke puppet and just some one to laugh at I played by the rules and what did that get me nowhere
well does days are over and im done I don't care what I have to do win heck Ill go through the whole roster
if I have to im young hungry and determined to win.

Chris sabin walk closely to the camera

Chris sabin: And once I hit you with The Sabin Experience your gonna see what it's like in my world
All Hail Sabin.

Chris Sabin drops the mic and heads toward his girlfriend and they begin to kiss the crowd continues to boo showing there displeasure in those two

As the camera fades out

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