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Post by Bats2130 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:09 pm

If your gonna active RP, an want to make a storyline with me an the.master thats cool. But you need to collaborate with the person an make sure you can write that an put it in the Show. Otherwise it's a RP not following a storyline an you get blank patches. But if you wish to make the storyline with us please message me in game an we can discuss an come to agreement Smile But I don't mind that Rp, could use it in our storyline Smile


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The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP Empty Post Match RP.

Post by Jotham on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:40 am

Sorry I am gonna borrow this thread because the rp will follow our match.  I believe it will work win or lose

As the celebration of the victory continue in the ring Jotham rolls to the outside and grabs as chair and a microphone.

Jackson: Wait what is he doing?  Put that chair down!

Jotham climbs back in the ring and walks up behind Bats2130 and as Bats2130 turns around Jotham swings the chair like a baseball bat at Bats2130's head connecting laying out Bats2130 on the mat.

Gerard: No, don't do this. Come on!

The.Master turns around and he too is greeted with a chair shot by Jotham.

Gerard: Enough is enough. The match is over already.

With both men laid out Jotham drops the chair and and picks up the microphone standing over the fallen men.

Jotham: I told you that I have come to purge the wickedness from the hearts of men.  You both thought what you had done has would never be found out. There is one who sees into the hearts of men and knows all.  You thought that your secrets were safe and that you could whisper about them to one another and that your plans would never be found out.  Know this that what is said in secret will be shouted from the rooftops.  Consider this a warning.  Repent of your evil ways or it will be purged from your souls through pain.  Until you do you will never achieve what you desire.  I have spoken and it will come to pass.

As the music plays Jotham departs from the ring leaving the two men laying on the canvas.

Feel free to change what you like.  I hope it is in on time for the show thrusday.


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The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP Empty The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP

Post by Bats2130 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:29 pm

- The camera fades in as Bats2130 approaches The.Master in the Locker room-

Bats2130: Listen man i appreciate you having my back last week against Helga an Jotham.

The.Master: Not a problem, but remember I'm not going to always be there to watch your back.

-Bats2130 Laughs at The.Masters Comment-

Bats2130: Yeah well that's the thing, Did you hear about the tag titles being Vacant?

-The.Master is strapping his shoulder for the upcoming match-

The.Master: of course but where are you getting at with this? We have a match coming up so stop with the small talk!

-Bats2130 walks across the Locker room an starts preparing him self-

Bats2130: Well how about we tag up?

-The.Master Laughs at Bats2130-

The.Master: How do I know I can trust you?

Bats2130: I could ask you the same question buddy. I can always find someone else if...

-The.Master is interested an inturuppts the sentence-

The.Master: Hey hey hey. Look I want those titles to. But we need to be smart an think this through.

-Bats2130 is ecstatic-

Bats2130: Thats awesome bud, but what do you mean by 'Smart'?

-The.Master starts whispering to Bats2130-

-The camera fades out as the next match is about to begin-

That's me an The.Masters next show RP. I have already spoke to him about the RPs.
This is for the next show. Not the show i am currently booked in against Helga and Jotham.
Also sorry about the fonts i am currently on my ipad until my laptop arrives. Thank you hope you enjoy it.


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The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP Empty Re: The.Master an Bats2130 Tag Team RP

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