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Post by Kid Brainz on Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:00 pm

-camera view rotating over the U.C.W universe fans who are cheering wildly and then finally stops at the entrance zone as fireworks blow up and Sakden walks out as work out is playing-
Gerrard: Woah! Ladies and Gentlemen here comes sakden looking as cool as ever.
Jackson: You're right this guy has plans for this federation and those are the kind of people we need.
Gerrard: True, but more importantly i wonder what he is out here to say tonight..
-Sakden walks down the ramp wearing his white 'Whu Gat Da Brainz?' shirt and white shorts with checkered vans shoes as the fans cheer him on loudly, he goes to the corner and grabs a mic from the camera man and enters the ring through the second rope-

Gerrard: He had a successful tag match up with orion, crushing fardeen and ichigo
Jackson: It wasn't exactly crushing if you ask me?
Gerrard: A 2 minute match isn't!.. You know what of course it wasn't -pats jackson's back-..of course..
-camera goes back to sakden as he climbs the turnbuckles pointing at the fans and then pointing at his 'Whu Gat Da Brainz' shirt-
Gerrard: Wonder if i can get myself one those shirt i would look so...
Jackson: -bursts into laughter-
Gerrard: what..what's so funny?
Jackson:-continues laughing-
-camera goes to sakden who stands in the centre of the ring smiling as the fans are chanting 'Whu gat the brainz!'-
Sakden: Wow, it's such an honour being here in U.C.W.. The atmosphere is feeling great tonight! And you know what's so great it's going to be even better next week...because i and my tag partner The.master get to be number 1 contender for the tag team champions!!
-fans are cheering as loud ever-
Gerrard: Good Heavens!
-camera goes back to sakden-
Sakden: Unbound Resolution Championship is on the line...on the line of my waist!!
-fans start cheering-
Sakden: Cause i can assure you of a victory, i and the.master already know how to deal with the whole situation..
-commentators sidetalking-
Jackson: Wow what a match up that would be!
-camera goes back to sakden-
Sakden: So if i where you Y2Jericho and partner i would enjoy those titles while you still have them, and if you try to pull anything out of the ordinary in that match i'll show you guys 'Whu Gat Da Brainz'!
-Sakden drops the mic in the ring and makes his exit he turns around once more pointing at his shirt as he walks down the ramp-
Gerrard: Wow, confident words from sakden don't you think jackson..
Jackson: Ya totally, Ladies and Gentlemen remember next week the tag team championship is on the line, so stay in tune next week to find out if the title is just going to be on the line or on the line of sakden and the master's waist.
Gerrard: I still wonder where i can get on of those 'whu gat da brainz' shirt they are simply...
Jackson: -interrupts gerrard again by bursting into laughter and falling of his chair-
-camera fades away-

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