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Post by Bats2130 on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:50 pm

No problem Smile


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Post by GM on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:44 pm

This is great Man perfect


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Post by Bats2130 on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:18 pm

-it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler''s greatest victories and most powerful moves
Bats2130 makes his way to the ring
greeting the mob from the limousine''s roof
two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring-

Com1: Here he is one our the newest member of UCW! Bats2130!
Com2: yes! Yes! Yes! I Love watching these new recruits! Always promises to be a action filled night!

-Bats2130 enters the ring with a intent look in his eyes-
-Bats2130 jumps on to the turnbuckle an raises his arm in a act of dominance as a mic is past to him by the ring announcer-

Com1: Look at That posture, just a pure act of confidence!
Com2: Well it Say here he's from Perth, Australia. He's travelled far lets see what he has to say!

Bats2130: Hello UCW I can't believe I'm here!!

-Crowd is cheering-

Bats2130: Thank you all. But I come out here on a Mission, I Am looking to prove myself to not only the UCW but to all wrestlers!

-Crowd is curious an cheerful-

Com1: This is just another...
-Com2 interrupts quickly-
Com2: Let him talk i wanna here this!

Bats2130: But I was having a talk to a few of the Wrestlers back stage, an quite frankly i think any of the wrestlers on this roster are worthy of holding the title! But I just wanted to make this clear to everyone! I will get that title! An i will decimate anyone Our GM Chris Storms puts in front of me!!

-Crowd cheers all Round the stadium!-
Com1: Well I hope he knows what he is doing, putting that statement out to the entire roster!
Com2: He better be able to back up that talk, or he is in some serious trouble Com1! There are some big guys amongst this roster.
Com1:As long as he doesn't get his possibilities mixed up with his capabilities he will be fine!
Com2: Whats that suppose to mean Com1? You saying he isn't going to go to far here?
Com1: No! No! No... You just don't tell the whole roster these things! Your always bound to find a Argument!
Com2: Have to agree with you on that Com1

Bats2130: I have Travelled far an trained myself to the limits! I can do things now that some don't accomplish in Careers! I hope you all Accept me an all new wrestlers on the roster! Hope you all enjoy tonight's show!!

-Bats2130 Drops the mic an leaves the ring with veins popping out everywhere as he walks up the ramp into the locker rooms.-

Com1: What has he actually trained? How did he end up here Com2?
Com2: Yeah I do have it here somewhere...
-Com2 is searching for the biography papers on the desk-
Com2: it says here... Trained in boxing... Sambo wrestling an..d.... Ninjitsu. That's incredible!
Com1: Well there you go fans. Look forward to some very out there dives punches an submissions
Com2: well we have a commercial break to cut to but be sure to stay tuned in for the next match!

-cuts to commercial break-

This is my RP for first show Chris.



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