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Post by Sakden on Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:17 am

-Sakden tries to stop a car at the backstage car lot that's about to leave the U.C.W arena-
Sakden: STOP! Stop the goddamn car!
-car drives off as Sakden picks up a pebble and tries to throw at the car in anger-
Sakden: Good for nothing...
-Sakden stops his sentence as he sights General manager storms walking with his cup of coffee-
Sakden: Storms!
-Sakden rushes and touches the back of storms as storms mistakenly drops his glass mug of coffee on the ground in shock -
Storms: Oh Gosh! You...
Sakden: Look i'll get you a new mug ..and coffee but that's not important right now, you need to let me in on the 411 of this whole unknown wrestler jeopardizing our shows, i think i just saw him drive off but i'm not sure, the car glass was tinted.
Storms: Seriously! Well look Sakden i don't know who this guy is but i will figure it out..i hope.
Sakden: Well you should... Ok, i have a match up right now catch you later, he better not jeopardize my match up.
-Sakden starts leaving but then turns back to storms-
Sakden: But you do know he seems to be after you mostly after you, so you should watch your back.
Storms: I guess..
-sakden leaves as storms starts thinking-
Storms: Before you leave what about my mug?!
-Sakden turns around and starts walking faster-
-storms stares at the broken mug on the ground with his spilled coffee-
Storms: Great, just great.
-Camers fades away-


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