immortals pre match interview

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immortals pre match interview Empty immortals pre match interview

Post by the immortal one bullyray on Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:33 am

jessica ladies and guntilmen the immortal one bully ray

jessica bully your thoughts on your upcoming match

bully like i said last week storm cheats but tonight in our tag match jotham and me are gonna destory storm and hazmat

jessica also who were you talking to last week?

bully that is none of your bussiness

bully tonight you all will see jotham and me beat storm and hazmat

jessica last question that some people still want to know is are you hireing people not supposed to be on ucw to attack storm ?

bully that might be me that might be jotham you all will find out soon.

jessica thank you for your time.

jackson i hope this bully gets what he deserves tonight!

Gerard bully is gonna win he has one of the best tag partners ever!

jackson well we are gonna have to wait and see for ourselfs

gerard i cant wait to see my fav wrestler of all time beat the wrestler i hate the most chris storm

camera fades and goes to commerical break

the immortal one bullyray

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