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Post by Jotham on Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:40 am

Camera pans backstage and sees John running to catch up to Jotham.

John: Jotham? Jotham can I get a word with you?

Jackson: There is something about Jotham that just doesn't feel right.

Jotham turns around and looks John over from head to toe

Jotham: Where is the female?

Gerard: I can't believe he has the nerve to ask that after what he did to her last week.

John: Who, Jessica? She doesn't feel comfortable around you after you threatened her last week.

Jotham: I made no threat nor have I ever made threats.

John: You clearly said that everyone will face judgment and then looked right at Jessica and said that even she would.

Jotham: The righteous have no reason to fear judgment, only the guilty.

Gerard: I knew there was no reason I had to fear Jotham.  I am as wholesome as apple pie.

Jackson: Maybe as wholesome as the black plague.

Gerard: Did you say something?

Jackson: Not a thing.

John: I wanted to ask if you heard that our GM Chris Storms put you in a handicap match tonight against Bats, The.Master and Helga.

Gerard: 3 on 1? Man he hasn't made too many friends around here.

Jackson: Well our GM Chris Storms definitely isn't on his friends list.

Jotham: I am not surprised as the darkness has always feared the light. As you saw he could do nothing to me in our match last week.  With out their cheating the immortal one and I would never have been defeated. That is why he has others to do the work for him.

John: Our GM in the darkness? Aren't you being a little hypocritical as for the past two weeks you have attacked Bats for no reason.  You even cost him his match last week against  A.J. Tyles.

Jotham: It was not I who cost Bats his match, but it was his own arrogance. Pride always comes before a fall. He will repent or face judgment and so will any others who get in my way. Tonight he will suffer a little more pain on his road to deliverance. He and all can be sure that their sins will always find them out and they will have to answer for them as our precious GM Storms is currently finding out.

John: Wait are you saying you are behind the mysterious wrestler and the attacks?

Jotham: I have spoken. My words will come to pass.

Jotham has a evil grin spread across his face as he walks off.

Jackson: Did he just admit to being behind the mysterious wrestler attacking our GM?

Gerard: Come on now now he didn't say that at all.  All he said was that it was the sins of our GM Chris Storms coming back on him.  Of course he didn't deny it either.

Jackson: What is going on around here.

As always anything you would like me to include or change just let me know i will do whatever is necessary to help the show go smoothly and the fed to grow.


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