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It ain't cocky if you can back it up Empty It ain't cocky if you can back it up

Post by Ace Alexander on Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:59 pm

Jackson: It's been a great show so far, don't you think so Gerard?

Gerard: Absolutely, but is that any surprise? It's always greatness here in UCW!

Jackson: Definitely, and speaking of greatness, I believe we have Jessica backstage ready for an interview.

Gerard: If you're talking about greatness then you must be talking about my man Ace!

Jackson: I was actually talking about Jessica and her great interviewing skills. Ace still has a little more to prove if he wants to be known as one of the greats.

Gerard: Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. That kid is the man!

Jackson: I will tell you this though, after his match last week with Helga, he's well on his way.

Gerard: That's gotta be a match of the year candidate for sure. Maybe even match of the decade. Hell, match of the millennium!

Jackson: It sure was an outstanding match, with Ace picking up his 2nd straight win. Let's go now to Jessica backstage.

A camera backstage comes on with Jessica standing there by herself.

Jessica: Hello UCW fans! Jessica here with you once again. I was supposed to have an interview with Ace Alexander for you right now but I can't seem to locate him. I checked the locker rooms. I checked the training room. I checked the back rooms where he's known to frequent with the workers playing cards. I just can't seem to find him anywhere.

Jessica covers her ear to listen to her ear piece.

Jessica: Really?

Jessica then motions to her cameraman.

Jessica: We gotta get to the parking lot, fast!

Jessica and her cameraman begin to rush to the parking lot. As they go through the exit doors, they can see Ace about to get in his car.

Jessica: Ace! Ace! Wait up!

Ace turns and looks to see it's Jessica. He stops what he's doing and waits for her to come over.


Jessica is out of breath from running, which causes Ace to chuckle a little.

Ace: A little winded there Jessica? You should start coming to the training room with me.

Ace hands her a bottle of water from his bag.

Ace: I could have you in great shape in no time.

As Jessica is taking a drink, she pauses and gives Ace a little dirty look.

Ace: Um, not to say that you're in bad shape or anything Jess. You're hot as hell. I just meant your cardiovascular shape. So you wouldn't be out of breath from runnin'.

Jessica smiles and hands the water bottle back to Ace.

Jessica: Nice save there Ace.

Ace gives her a wink and a nod before she continues.

Jessica: So, as I was trying to say, where are you going?

Ace: Well Jessica, I'm not in a match tonight, so I'm headin' out to Vegas. There's a big tournament goin' on this weekend and now I can get there a little earlier than expected.

Jessica: Nice. Good luck and I hope you do well.

Ace shakes his head and laughs.

Ace: I've told you before darlin', luck ain't got nothin' to do with it.

Jessica smiles and nods.

Jessica: Yes. I keep forgetting that. Do you have a quick minute to talk about your match last week?

Ace: For you Jess, anythin'.

Jessica smiles again.

Jessica: Thanks Ace. First off, congrats on a very hard fought win. People are still talking about that match.

Ace: As well they should. I put on one helluva show for them.

Jessica: Well, you and Helga. You both did!

Ace: More so me, obviously, or you wouldn't be out here runnin' like a mad woman tryin' to get an interview.

Jessica: Touche Ace, touche. So, any thoughts from that match you'd like to talk about?

Ace: Nothin' much else to talk about Jess. I came. I saw. I conquered. Pretty much the story of my life.

Jessica smiles.

Jessica: Cocky as always Ace.

Ace: Hey, it ain't cocky if you can back it up.

Jessica: Touche again Ace.

Ace: Anything else Jess? I gotta hit the road.

Jessica: Just one more thing. Are you excited about the upcoming pay per view, Unbound Retribution, next week?

Ace: It depends I guess Jess. If I'm in a match, then sure, yeah. If I'm in a title match, then hells yes. If I'm not on the card at all, and I got another chance to get to Vegas early to put some more cash in my pocket, then hells yes again.

Jessica: So, pretty much excited either way then, huh Ace?

Ace: Yep, and if I get the chance to see you again, then I'll be even more excited.

Jessica smiles and turns a little red.

Jessica: Well you'll be seeing me, that's for sure.

Ace gives her a wink and a nod.

Ace: Awesome. Well Jess....

Ace opens the door to his car and get in. He starts it up and rolls down the window.

Ace: I gotta jet. Always nice talkin' to you darlin'. Maybe next time you can join me in Sin City.

Ace smiles at Jessica.

Ace: We could get into a lot of trouble there.

Jessica smiles back.

Jessica: I have a feeling anywhere you go, trouble is sure to follow.

Ace laughs.

Ace: You know me so well Jess. Until next time!

With that, Ace hits the gas and drives off.

Jessica: Well, that was one of the up and comers here in UCW, Ace Alexander. Back to you Jackson and Gerard.

Jackson: Thank you Jessica. Another great interview!

Gerard: What did I tell you, greatness! I love that guy! I hope he can take me to Vegas sometime! We would tear that place up!

Jackson: That city would eat you alive Gerard.

(I know Jessica is supposed to be pink but I used the purple instead of just bolding it in case you guys forget to add the pink.)
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