geting ready for the next match

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geting ready for the next match Empty geting ready for the next match

Post by the immortal one bullyray on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:35 am

Gerard theres immortal in his dressing room

jackson who is immortal talking to

Gerard look immortal is taking care of bussiness

immortal im out here to clear the air about the people im talking to

immortal now see all of you even the gm storm is in lets say family bussiness

immortal you see you better watch whos bussiness your in you might not like to see what they might do to you

jackson wow bully a little distureb

gerard look just leave the man alone he can destroy you

immortal now on to my next match i will destroy him i will hurt him he will be in a fight

gerard that is true i seen him in fights before but the match will just last a minute

jackson wall we will see later tonight

mrzdude slams the door*

the immortal one bullyray

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