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Post by Papa Zola on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:53 pm

*camera shows at the ring

*suddenly a music played and then Papa Zola come out

*crowd cheers

*Papa Zola walk to the ring and then grab a microphone from the announcer table and the enter the ring

Papa Zola: last week i come to the ring with hope and won the match and become the number one contender for the title at the first PPV of UCW.

*crowd cheers

Papa Zola: I want to ask all of you something,did i deserve to win that title?

*Crowd says yes and no loudly

Papa Zola:well i hear all of you saying and its like that some people does not believe in me can win the title i must say that its hard to fought with the champ but i know i can win that thing and i gonna show all of you a real wrestling.

*Crowd start to cheers loudly

*Papa Zola goes out of the ring and put the Microphone back to the announcer table and left the ring

Jackson:what a talk was that

Gerrard:yeah a small talk for me

Jackson: Gerrard did you think Papa Zola can win the title?

Garrard: i dont know jackson maybe yes he can what about you jackson? what do you think about it

Jackson: i put all my trust on him and i think at the first UCW PPV we will have a new tag champion

Garrard: i cant agree more jackson maybe it will happen,who knows?

Jackson:yes and now lets straight to the next match on UCW
Papa Zola
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