Guest in the Audience (The High King)

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Guest in the Audience (The High King) Empty Guest in the Audience (The High King)

Post by reddoggydogg on Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:37 am

***This for early in the show***

Jackson – News has come to me that Jessica has a very special guest with her now.

Gerard – And apparently it’s in the crowd. Over to you Jessica.

The camera goes to ringside and Jessica is with The High King who is in his street clothes.

Jessica – Thank you Gerard, I am proud to have me at this moment the High King

The crowd starts chanting ‘High King, High King, High King.’

The High King – Thanks Jess I’m happy to be here.

Jessica – Everyone at home and here in the arena are wondering why you aren’t in your ring gear for tonight?

The High King – Well Jess, unfortunately since last week’s cowardly cheap shot from The Irish Druid, I have been suffering from headaches and dizzy spells so early this morning I was assessed by the doctor and unfortunately was passed unfit to be in action tonight.

Jessica – Oh poor you.

The High King – Don’t worry about me as I’ll be back for next week. So as a result I decided I was going to be a fan tonight and watch the show from ring side and it’s been a great event so far.

The High King starts a ‘UCW‘chant and the crowd goes wild for it.

Jessica – Back to you Jackson and Gerard.

Jackson – I have never seen the High King this angry.

Gerard – No I’d hate to be the Irish Druid when he catches up with him.

Match Interruption (druids match)

The High King stands up out of his seat and leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring. He makes a bee line straight for The Irish Druid and grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around. The High King places The Irish Druids head in between his legs. He then lifts The Irish Druid over his shoulder and holds both his arms in a cross position. The High King runs and falls to his knees and throws The Irish Druid onto the mat neck first executing The Celtic Cross. The High King slide back out of the ring and leans against the barrier and celebrates with the fans.

Post Match (immediately after match)

The High King walks over to Johnny the ring announcer and takes his microphone and makes his way back into the ring. He stands over his victim The Irish Druid and raises his fist high in the air.

The High King - You think you’re the boss of me, and you think you’ll do what you want and when you want it. You’re my bitch and don’t you forget this.

The High King drops the microphone and his music hits. He walks down the steps and walks up the ramp to the back signing autographs as he goes along.

Jackson sits at the announce table with a large grin on his face.

Gerard – That I did not see happening but looks like The High King got some well deserved pay back.

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