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Its PPV time Empty Its PPV time

Post by Papa Zola on Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:16 pm

before the match

*camera shows at the interview area

John:hello and good night for all people who are watching this with me john,today i have a special guest with me so please welcome the defenders of justice Papa Zola

*Papa Zola walks in and then stand right next to John

*papa Zola pick a mic at the table

John:so Zola how do you feel about tonight match up

Papa Zola: first of all i want to say that i am very happy to stand in here in the first PPV of UCW with a big match like this John,i dont know what to say about this match because its for a tag titles that is really important in this business.

John:so zola did you want to say anything?

Papa Zola:yes first is i cant wait for this match to start and second i dont really like about the thing that happen past week,even through i dont have a match last week but still i watch the show with other fan just like the high king.

John:how do you feel about the high king interfering that match last week.

Papa Zola:well first i am a little bit surprise because suddenly he jump from the barricade and enter the ring and deliver the Cletic Cross to the irish druid which cost him the match,but then i think he should done that because its the irish druid who start it first.

John:yes thats right zola and maybe we should take a look what happen two weeks ago

*camera shows UCW logo and then shows what happen 2 weeks ago.

Sakden brings his foot up
The Irish Druid dodges the Axe Kick taking the initiative
The Irish Druid falls on his knees,
and hits him executing light Low Blow!!
The Irish Druid is ready to hit his opponent
Sakden avoids the Knee Strikes and gains the initiative - as The Irish Druid slips out the ring -
Gerard: Where's he going?

Jackson: He getting a steel chair this can't end well.

The Irish Druid gives The High King the touch
- The Irish Druid smacks the steel chair off The King's face -
Sakden tries for the pin
Refeere Beth starts the count

*camera show UCW logo and then back to the interview area with John and papa Zola

John:welcome back folks now we are here live at backstage with me now is Papa Zola,just then we have seen what happen between the irish druid and the high king two weeks ago.

Papa Zola:i dont understand why he did that,i mean high king is a great wrestler you know

John:maybe you should ask him why he did that

Papa Zola:yes maybe i will fi...,

*suddenly sakden come

Sakden: hey Zola did we have a match right now.

Papa Zola:oh ok i will go now

John:hey hey hey we are in the middle of interviewing in here..oh well thats all for tonight folks we back at commentary.

*camera fades and then show on commentary

Jackson:thank you john what a match that its gonna be right garrard

Garrard: yes thats right and this should be for the tag titles

Jackson:yeah and i hope this match will end right in the middle

Garrard:i hope that will happen to but we just have to wait and see whats gonna happen now on UCW

Papa Zola
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