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PPV Title match Teckniq Empty Re: PPV Title match Teckniq

Post by Ace Alexander on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:39 am

Ace runs out from the back.

Gerard: There's the man!

Ace then makes his way to the ring.

Jackson: What a match we're about to have!

Ace gets to the ring and slides beneath the bottom rope. /He asks for a mic and one is handed to him.

Ace: Get rich or die tryin' huh?

Ace laughs.

Ace: Well I can definitely help you with the last part of that statement.

Ace then takes a step towards Techniq.

Ace: We all know the only person gettin' rich around here is me. Be it rich with money, rich with fame....

Ace takes another step.

Ace: ....or rich with that shiny new belt over there that's gonna be around my waist in a few minutes.

Ace takes another step.

Ace: Cuz it sure as hell ain't gonna be you.

Ace takes another step.

Ace: So to sum things up, you're looking at the new Unbound International Champion! And ain't nuthin' you can do about it because in the words of the great Eric B. and Rakim....

Ace takes another step.

Ace: ....don't sweat the technique. And you my friend....

Ace takes another step and is now face to face with Techniq.

Ace: ....you definitely ain't nuthin' to be sweatin' over!

(Sorry for the delay. I'm currently on vacation and didn't have time before. If you want to respond Techniq, and have a little back and forth, I'll be able to get back on. And if you want to end it here, I'm good with that too.)
Ace Alexander
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PPV Title match Teckniq Empty Yeah

Post by CHRIS S on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:22 pm

yeah please put them in


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PPV Title match Teckniq Empty PPV Title match Teckniq

Post by Teckniq one! on Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:25 pm

*camera cuts in

*Teckniq is walking to the ring on red carpet while a movie clip of the best moments of his career is being shown.

*Teckniq goes up to the ring and picks up the mic.

Teckniq: I came here to tell you that I am really happy that i have reached so far.

*crows cheers.

Teckniq: This title is very important for me because the one who gets the Unbound International Championship title is no joke and should and will be respected wrestler.

*crowd chants yeaa, wohoo.

Teckniq: Ace Alexander, huh we are quite evenly matched with him, huh , .

*crowd is talking, humming.

Teckniq: No matter what I will win this title at any costs and like they say ''Get rich or die trying''.

*crowd cheers loudly with some booo-s in it.

*Teckniq drops the mic.

Jackson: Whoa, I think this is going to be a hell of a great match, don't you think Garrard?

Garrard: Yes, Indeed those guys are pretty though, but I dont see Ace Alexander yet where is he?

Jackson: I don't know he's probably late.

*Suddenly Ace Alexander's entrance music starts to play.

Garrard:Ohh... , There he is!

Should I make any other changes or this is okay.

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PPV Title match Teckniq Empty Re: PPV Title match Teckniq

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