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Post by the immortal one bullyray on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:27 am

jessica ladies and gantilman immortal

jessica immortal you been on a loseing streak as of late
immortal well you see storms is to blame for keeping me back keeping my family back

jessica what is this family? are we going to see them tonight?

immortal well you just might see them next week idk you will see the family rise

jessica ok are you in the huge mainevent?

immortal well you see jessica storm is keeping quiet about whos in the match and i dont like it one bit

immortal the last thing i have to say to my oppenet tonight is i will beat you and hope that storm will give me a world title match and the future will look bright for me

gerard well i sure hope chris was listening to the interview

jackson yea theres that match and more cant wait for our mainevent

gerard immortal will win

jackson why do you like immortal so much?

gerard because he tells it like it is

jackson well lets continue with the action

the immortal one bullyray

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