Getting Ready For A Fight

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Getting Ready For A Fight Empty Getting Ready For A Fight

Post by JackMonroe on Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:59 am

Jackson: There is one of the competitors we'll see later on tonight.

Gerard: Jack Monroe, gearing up for his tag match later on!

Jack is sitting down in his room, slowly and quietly wrapping his wrists. He then pulls his elbow pads up and slides something under one of them. Jack takes a deep breath in and sees Damian Krass through a crack in the door.

Jackson: That's Damian Krass, it is one of his opponents in the tag match later.

Jack stands up and grabs the chair he was sitting in and creeps toward the door with chair in hand.

Gerard: This is getting intense we need to get somebody back there before things get out of hand. One of these guys might not make it to the match, this is intense!


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