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Jotham PPV Rp Interview Empty Jotham PPV Rp Interview

Post by Jotham on Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:24 am

Jessica is seen backstage walking as the camera follows her as she approaches Jotham.

Jessia: Excuse me Jotham could I get a word with you?

Jotham: Ah the woman has returned to see me once more.

Jessica is clearly uncomfortable hearing this.

Jotham: Why do you fear me woman?  As long as you stay as pure as you are there is nothing to fear.

Jessica is relieved to hear this and a smile spreads across her face.

Jessica: That is always good to know.  Could I get your thoughts on the PPV tonight.

Jotham: My thoughts have not changed and neither has my mission.  I will root out the corruption and darkness in U.C.W. where ever it is.  Tonight is another night that I will shine the light in the midst of the darkness.

Jessica: So what exactly will you do tonight?

Jotham: I will do what I always do.  Fight against the darkness no matter the cost.

With that said Jotham walks away.

Jessica: Well he certainly is an interesting individual.

Jackson: I still get an uneasy feeling every time I hear that man speak.

Gerard: That only because you are not as pure as Jessica or myself.

Jackson: I am not even going to dignify that with a response.


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