Chris Storms vs Bully Ray

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Chris Storms vs Bully Ray Empty Chris Storms vs Bully Ray

Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:45 pm

chris storm walks in the arena

chris storm:everything i do is awesome

the immortal one bully ray : everything i do is awesome i came here to win our tournament match and take home the world heveywhight championship

chris storm lets not wait till tonight lets do it right now!

commentary wow its really starting to heat up between immortal and storm but who will win

immortal yes lets do it right now and just rember i dont care what these people think i dont care what you think i care about the world title and if you or anyone thinks they are wining they are forgeting im in the tournament.

chris storm well i personally think i will win the tournament and take the world title

immortal im the best in unbound championship wrestling without me this show is nothing.

chris storm time for talk is over lets fight

commentary coming up next chris storm vs immortal in a tournament match

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