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Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:01 pm

-Fireworks blows of at the entrance zone,work out by jay cole starts playing as Kid Brainz walks out from the entrance tunnel and walks down to the ring wearing a white shirt and shorts with white vans shoes as the fans are cheering, John is standing at the middle of the ring smiling-
Gerard: Ladies and gentle men we have an interview happening now, Kid Brainz is coming out here to talk about his upcoming tag match.
Jackson:Yes the match with him and Orion against Fardeen and Ichigo, its going to be quite a match up i mean there all great.
Gerard: You got that right four competitive wrestlers.
Jackson:Wonder what Kid has to say out here after that scene with Fardeen and Orion.
-Kid Brainz walks to the camera man and gets a mic and enters the ring and seats down on the second chair as John sits on the first one-
John: Wow is great to have you here and i see you getting ready for your tag match against Fardeen and Ichigo.
-Fans start cheering to the sound of their names-
Kid Brainz: Well you know it's going to be a good match i mean i'm tagging up with Orion who is a great know it's all just good.
John: Argh! Common, give me something better than that i mean don't you have any intentions to making it just more than good by schooling Fardeen and Orion after what they said the other time.
Kid Brainz: Well..... i do.
-crowd starts cheering as Kid starts smiling, commentators start sidetalking-
Gerard: Don't that just sound good now.
-camera goes back to Kid-
Kid Brainz: I mean obviously i and Orion do but, talking ain't going to prove anything.
John: Well and what if you guys get screwed.What if they show you guys why they where champions.
-commentators sidetalk-
Jackson: HA! That is quite a question.
Kid Brainz: Well it's all happens for the know what that not going to happen ok
-fans start cheering loud-
Kid Brainz:I and Orion are going to prove it, they may have been champions then but you know that was then and now....
-Kid Brainz is interrupted by the fire at the titan tron as Ichigo walks out with a mic and stands at the entrance zone and smiles at Kid-
-Kid stands up from his seat and walks to the ropes looking at Ichigo as the fans start cheering loudly-
Gerard: WHAT! Ichigo is out here this may not end well.
Jackson:You got that right! We may say see half of the tag match happen here tonight ladies and gentlemen.
-Ichigo slowly puts his mic to his mouth while staring at Kid-
Ichigo: you wouldn't school us if we were handicapped and you were a teacher, infact you and Orion wouldn't school me.
-Kid already stuck his first leg out of the ropes to rush Ichigo but paused as broken bones starts playing and GM Chris Storms walks out with a mic-
Gerard: Oh! Here comes our General Manager,what has he got to say.
-camera turns to GM chris storms as he puts his mic at his mouth-
GM Chris Storms: Now hold your fire boys, this will be settled at your tag team match tonight ok but right now none this will happen is that clear.
-Broken bones starts playing as chris points at both of them and gives a calm down sign,fans are cheering as loud as ever,Chris exits as he walks to the entrance tunnel-
Gerard: Wow Jackson you hear that.
Jackson:That's right in the tag team match that will be settled.
Gerard: Well ladies and gentlemen,we'll catch all this soon to come.
-camera fades away-

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