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Post by Kingandy on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:50 pm

This no trust thing is because king andy feels that no one in the fed can be trusted and in the rp andy doesn't exactly agree to be a decent tag partner.. so in that tag match i think you should do some editing in the match showing some 'childish behaviour from andy like how he would stretch his hand out for tag and then removes it before fardeen can tag him and also in the end if we win or loose fardeen cheapshots me...


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Post by Kingandy on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:38 pm

-camera goes to the entrance zone as fireworks blow up and i'm different starts playing and king andy walks out with his fist pumped-

Jackson: Oh ladies and gentlemen its king andy!
Gerrard: He had a wonderful match up here last week, sure he couldn't grab the win but he did grab one heck of a sharpshooter!
Jackson: yes you got that right he did...
-King Andy walks down the ramp as he goes to side to shake some fans and slides into the ring and pumps his fist in the air, he then goes to the corner and grabs a mic-
King Andy: What up U.C.W!!!
-fans start cheering loudly-
King Andy: Last week i faced brock and he got lucky..
-commentators sidetalk-
Gerard: Andy declares the loss to be lucky?
Jackson: Well it was... andy is one of the greatest!
-camera goes back to andy-
King Andy: Now that's behind us, i want to talk about the match up tonight now because i am like a one man army and can take down anyone. I don't really like tagging up with the members of these federation which are very tricky especially Fardeen!
-fans are making some mysterious confused noise-
Gerard: Wow!
-camera zooms in the entrance tunnel as fardeen walks out with a mic-
Gerrard: Speak of the devil, Here is fardeen right now!
-camera goes back to fardeen standing at the entrance zone-
Fardeen: Ok Andy i know we have a lot of bad blood between us but lets just let it slide tonight ok...
King Andy: Now look Fardeen if you try to pull any stunt while where in the there it might turn into handicap trio match punk!
Fardeen: Ok...ok now i won't but while we're on this you won't too right?
King Andy: I don't go around making promises boy!
-fans starts cheering-
Gerrard: Andy not agreeing to this 2 sided-deal.
Jackson: Who knows what he might have in planned he is full of suprises...
-camera goes back to Fardeen-
Fardeen: You know what, whatever just keep it as clean as you can.
-Fardeen exits as Andy starts laughing with a look of having bad intentions planned-
Gerrard: The hatred between these two is one of a kind
Jackson: Wonder what happens during their tag match stay tune ladies and gentlemen
-camera goes to andy with evil smile exiting the ring as the camera fades away-


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