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this is what I want to see Empty this is what I want to see

Post by GM STORM on Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:22 am

Johnny: Laddies and Gentlemen please welcome the new U C W World Champion Chris Storms.

- Broken Bones Hits the arena as Chris Storm come's out hold the UCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE -

- Chris Steps into the ring as Pyrotechnics go off -

Storms: Wow - as he looks around the arena - man it feels great to be holding this championship belt I can't tell you how happy I am to be the ucw champion

Gerard: Well Chris you deserved it

Jackson: Yeah that was a great match last week

Gerard: It truly was.

Storms: I've fought so hard to be where I am today to stand in this ring words can't express my feelings now that I am champion I will defend this belt with honor and pride; now on to this important thing I need to go out there in 2 weeks we will reach the season end, but on the last night we will be having our first ever Pay Per View

- Fans cheer loudly -

Jackson: Oh my our first ever PPV this is amazing.

Gerard: Too right great way to get the fans excited

Storms: So he will have our first ppv event in 2 weeks it will be call UCW PRESENTS Unbound Retribution, and I have already planned a match I will defend my match in a LADDER MATCH!

Jackson: Wow so Chris will defend his title in a ladder match?

Gerard: Now that's a major match right there.

Jackson: But what I want to know is against who?

Gerard: Now that's a good question right there Jackson but I guess we will just have to wait and see

Storms: Ok to the bad news

Gerard: Oh know what's up?

Storms: I will not be competing next week in order to attend to a urgent matter back home but Hazmat will be acting Gm for that night.

Jackson: Hope everything is ok with Chris.

Gerard: Yeah you never want to here someone say that.

Storms: Oh one last thing The Champ Is...

- Lights go out and a few moments laiter a huge thud is heard -

Gerard: Oh my god no it can't be

- Lights come back on as The Unknown Wrestler stands over Chris Storms holding the heavyweight title -

The Unknown Wrestler: You got lucky last week Hazmat won't always save you, at Unbound Retribution I am challenging you for the heavyweight title.

- The Unknown Wrestler drops the mic as the lights go off and on again -

Gerard: So at Unbound Retribution it will be Storms vs The Unknown Wrestler in a Ladder match for the UCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP?

Jackson: Well it looks that way.

Gerard: Anyway up next we have a tag match and that's next.


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