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Post by Damian K on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:18 pm

Name: Damian Krass
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 245

Damian Krass lifts the opponent in a suplex position and holds him there
before slamming his neck across his knee executing Terra Ferma

Damian Krass grabs the opponents arms from behind and crosses them under his chin. Damien then jumps and brings his knees into his opponents back falling backwards
then rolls his opponent on to his stomach and wrenches back on his opponents arms executing Krass Killer

Damian Krass lifts the opponent on his shoulders in a power bomb position
and falls back slamming him face first on the mat executing Atom Smasher

Modified England Lock = Argentine Leglock
Pro Krasstination = STO
Krass Breaker = Shoulder Breaker

Damian Krass enjoys the finer things in life. He grew up in London, England and trained to wrestle in Blackpool. He made his in ring d├ębut at the age of 15 just a week shy of his 16th birthday. He may have lost his first match, but he gave a great showing. He was soon signed to a wrestling company where he won 6 matches, mostly by submission. When the company closed due to remarkable financial problems he took to the independent circuit where he perfected his Krass Killer submission. He arrives at UCW with one thing in mind - being World Champion.

Damian K

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