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Post by Kid Brainz on Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:24 am

-Sakden and Papazola are at the food table backstage as Jessica walks with a mic towards them-

Jessica: Errmm.. Sorry excuse i can i ask a you a few questions please.
Sakden: Look toots i know what your on about, your on about how i and ..-pats papazola's back- my great tag here..
Jessica: Exactly, so what plans do you have towards the tag titles?
Papazola: Well there ain't much to say i guess irish druid and high king are going to have to put a hell of a match have i and Sakden beat.
Sakden: No, no, no! Its all wrong you see this is destiny. We are destined to be the tag champs, it's not a matter of what they are going to try to put on out there! -Sakden smiles and starts pointing at his waste- it's about the belts that we're going to put on there.
Jessica: Wow!..
-Papazola interrupts jessica-
Papazola: Look Jessica you can go and on about this but Sakden and i have said it all that can be said... through our mouths the rest should be answered out there in that ring
Sakden: Exacto!-goes closer to camera man- Look Druid and High King i respect that you going to try and put on something out there but it's better you don't show up! Save yourselves the embarassment haha!
-sakden drops the mic on the food table grabs an apple as he and papazola leaves-
Jessica: Ok...
-camera fades away-

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