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Post by Hazmat on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:10 am

- The camera fades in with a view of the backstage area as Chris Storms approaches Hazmat -

Chris Storms: Hey man, nice solid win out there tonight!

Matt Hazard: Thanks; but I have a feeling you didn't come down here solely to give a "congratulations" speech.

Chris Storms: No, I didn't. Listen, I need your help.

Matt Hazard: That's why I was signed. Look, I'll help you find this guy.

Chris Storms: That's the thing, though...I don't think it's just one guy! I have a feeling there's more where he came from.

Matt Hazard: Possibly...I can't help but feel like he's right in-front of you. You seemingly have more experience with this guy, so you should know who he is.

Chris Storms: Yeah...I guess you're right! He mentioned something...he said he was surprised that I didn't recognize him.

Matt Hazard: What did he look like?

Chris Storms: I don't know. He was in all black and, what looked like, a ski mask without the hole for the mouth; weird considering he spoke clearly.

Matt Hazard: Voice?

Chris Storms: He had a voice changer under his mask, I don't know!

Matt Hazard: So his mask had to be much wider than his head to give him room to speak, that narrows it down to nobody we know!

Chris Storms: Hey, I'm trying!

Matt Hazard: Relax, I'm not blaming you. I'll find this guy, now get back to your job.

Chris Storms: Alright...thanks man.

- camera fades to black as they both walk away -

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