The Backstage Interview - The Irish Druid

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The Backstage Interview - The Irish Druid Empty The Backstage Interview - The Irish Druid

Post by reddoggydogg on Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:32 am

The camera goes to the backstage interview area where John is waiting.

John – I am pleased to be joined at this time by The Irish Druid.

The Irish Druid moves into the shot and the crowd instantly start booing.

John – You have a tag match tonight with Sakden but everyone has been wondering all week why. Let me bring you back to last week’s match where you tagged with The High King and during it you hit him with a chair to the head. My question is why?

The Irish Druid looks menacingly into the camera.

The Irish Druid – Why do I need to have a reason to do anything? It’s as simple as this. If you disrespect me you will pay the price. The High King passed a comment about my behaviour from the debut night so I just got my own back. So let that be a warning to everyone in the locker room. I’m my own man and I will do what I want around here, when I want too.

The Irish Druid walks out of the shot and down the corridor.

John – Looks like the roster has been put on notice. Back to you guys.

Jackson – The more I see of this guy the more I dislike him.

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