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The Battlefield - The High King Empty The Battlefield - The High King

Post by reddoggydogg on Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:32 am

The camera cuts out to field in Ireland. There is a mist lingering over the land and the sound of a bodhrán playing in the distance. The camera scans across the field and shows a number of bloodied bodies lying on the ground. In the distance there is a man with a long red hair seen sitting on a rock sharpening an axe with a sword resting against the rock.

Hello Unbound Championship Wrestling fans, I’m The High King and I hail from the emerald isle of Ireland. I have heard rumours that there is many a foe that needs to be conquered over the water and as you can see I no longer have a challenge here and a large grin appears across his face as the camera pans back across his victims that lay scattered across the bloodied ground.

I’ll be making my debut during the season’s premier show and I won’t be coming alone. My ally left here a number of weeks ago and has already reached your shores but I’ll be keeping his identity close to my chest until I arrive.

The camera moves away from the High King as he returns to sharpening his axe and disappears into the mist.

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