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Post by CHRIS STORMS on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:26 pm

*camera show at the interview area and then John appear.

John:I am here now with the defenders of justice Papa Zola

*Papa Zola come from his right

John:so Zola are you ready for your match against Fardeen and King Andy tonight?

Papa Zola: i am sure do.

John: How do you feel about tonight match that you gonna teaming up with your opponent last week Leo Messi.

Papa Zola: Well we both have a great match last week and i am sure that we both can be a good partner.

John: Ok thats all.thank you for joining us in here Zola

Papa Zola: your welcome

*Papa Zola Walks away from the interview area,suddenly Leo Messi walk and inter the interview area

John: now i am here now with Leo Messi

John:so Messi how does it feel to lose in a match last week?

Leo Messi: i feel bad and i am determine to win tonight

John:ok thats all.thank you for joining us Leo Messi

Leo Messi: only one question?

John: yes only one

Leo Messi:ok whatever

*Leo Messi walks away

John: thats all for tonight we back to commentary

*Camera change to Commentary area

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